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 Phase Inspections 

We perform phase inspections of new residential construction over multiple visits to verify code compliance, design, and the high quality you've intended for your new home based on your approved plan design.  We do not perform inspections on building that has already begun.  Our company policy is that if our name is going to be on the project we want to be on-site from beginning to end.  There is just no way for us to feel confident about a build when we haven't seen it before the foundation was ever poured. 


We are currently performing phase inspections in the following intervals.

Phase 1 - Rough In Plumbing Inspection

Pipes prior to steel

Phase 2 - Pre-pour Slab Inspection

Steel, pipes, beams & more

Phase 3 - FEMP Inspection

Framing, electrical, mechanical & plumbing (before the walls & insulation go in)

Phase 4 - Insulation

Phase 5 - Final Inspection    

If you would like additional information about these inspections or pricing, please get in touch with our offices at 254-899-1098 so we may discuss options with you.

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