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Modern Kitchen Cabinets

 Pre-Purchase Home Inspections 

Our reports are not hard-to-read checklists.  API's reports include a narrative, digital photos, and detailed descriptions of all major systems with system-specific maintenance suggestions.  We also take the time and care to include zip level readings on all slab foundations we inspect as part of our process. 


We understand information is what you need as a home buyer and we encourage our clients to attend their inspections.  This is your home or investment and we welcome buyer input at the inspection.  API will have your report distributed to you before 10 am, the day following your inspection and we always make ourselves available to answer any questions you have at the inspection or afterward.  Our office is always available to assist you or facilitate communication with your API Inspector.


As part of our home inspections, we inspect all accessible systems and visible areas of a residence including:

  • Roof Coverings & Flashings

  • Accessible Attic Spaces 

  • Foundations & Crawl Spaces

  • Foundation Elevation Analysis (slab foundations)

  • Grading & Drainage

  • Electrical Systems

  • Plumbing Systems

  • Water Supply System

  • Hot Water Heaters & Systems

  • Sewer Systems

  • Interior Spa Tubs

  • Natural Gas & Propane Appliances 

  • Heating & Cooling Systems

  • Installed Appliances

  • Exterior & Interior Walls

  • Fireplaces

  • Driveways & Walkways

  • Doors & Windows

  • Patios & Decks

  • Irrigation & Sprinkler Systems

For an additional charge we also inspect:

  • Pier & Beam Foundations

  • Exterior Swimming Pools & Spas 

  • Outdoor Kitchens

  • Barns

  • Guest Houses

  • Additional Buildings & More

Pest Inspections:

We work with several pest inspection companies and can schedule WDI Inspection at the same time we are performing your home inspection.  We do not have our TREC Professional Inspectors perform Wood Destroying Insect (WDI) Inspections on the homes they are inspecting.  We keep these two types of inspections separate giving the homebuyer another inspection professional to assess their property.  When inspecting, another set of eyes is always a "best practice".  Please contact our office for more information about the pest companies we partner with.  We can review their pricing, licensing authority, and local company reputation with you.  

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