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Pre-Listing Home Inspections

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 Pre-Listing Home Inspections 

A Pre-listing Inspection or Seller's Inspection may be desired to help identify any issues which may arise during the selling process.  It allows the property owner to have all of the information about their home and to address any repairs that may be needed before being listed on the open market.  We have found that Pre-listing Inspections have kept our clients from any surprises during negotiations.

As part of our home inspections, we inspect all accessible systems and visible areas of a residence including:

Roof Coverings & Flashings

Accessible Attic Spaces 

Foundations & Crawl Spaces

Foundation Elevation Analysis (on slab foundations)

Grading & Drainage

Electrical Systems

Plumbing Systems

Water Supply System

Hot Water Heaters & Systems

Sewer Systems

Interior Spa Tubs

Natural Gas & Propane Appliances 

Heating & Cooling Systems

Installed Appliances

Exterior & Interior Walls


Driveways & Walkways

Doors & Windows

Patios & Decks

Irrigation & Sprinkler Systems

For an additional charge we also inspect:

Pier & Beam Foundations

Exterior Swimming Pools & Spas 

Outdoor Kitchens


Guest Houses

Additional Buildings & More

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